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Those who depend on virologists, dependent on border police, dependent on Chinese gear factories, finish the list as you please, will be hit hard by the corona and the following crisis.

You may now also have noticed, to your own harm and shame, how dependent your business and you personally are when the government takes you in a fire brigade grip or ‘sleepers hold’. You may not like to hear it but it’s your own responsibility when you find yourself at the mercy of the governmental powers that be.

Let the Corona experience be a lesson to you and your loved ones. Ask yourself how you can reduce your dependence when a ‘pseudo pandemic’ or something like that reappears. It’s naïve to think that this economic blow is going to be something like a one night stand with short extensions. You can be sure this was only a prelude on a world level, foreplay try out so to speak, the first part of a trilogy.

Most people did already forgot but the Spanish flu has also swept the world in 3 waves, and we still don’t know what Captain COVID is up to.

If your business is still not COVID proof for the next wave that’s going to come, start to think about ways to become independent. If it’s not a Captain COVID Copycat then be sure that the powers that be will come up with something new and improved to attack our privacy and the world economy.

I advise you to learn how to be independent of a supply chain, independent of social networks for your marketing, independent of the government, independent of a golden cage that is binding you to a lot of maintenance and never-ending costs: payroll, social taxes, rental of properties, equipment, software and stock.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, where everyone was chained to their business with rusty steel chains. My parents, grandparents on both sides, uncles and aunts all of them had shops and the headaches that ‘belonged’.

High rents, expensive staff, a government that kills you with social charges, and ‘investments’ of dead capital in inventory and stock in the store.

They were dependent as prisoners whenever pleurisy broke out. And everything they ‘thought they had’ was subject to third-party envy.

I didn’t want that. That is why I have built a totally independent business over the past 7 years.

I am not bound by slavery at the end of a supply chain, I do not have to take responsibility for people on a payroll, and if all advertisement platforms and social networks fall out tomorrow I can still continue working undisturbed and from anywhere in the world. When I saw the storm clouds appearing on the hori’corona’zon I moved to a country where the lockdown was limited to theory. I did this because you can never safely bring drowning people to land when you let yourself be restricted in your freedom of movement. That’s the first lesson any poolside savior will hear.

I cracked the code to run a business that is relatively pleuritis-proof. During the corona crisis, I did not find the time to generate less turnover. I experienced luxury in comfort knowing that I generated more turnover. Never let a good crisis go to waste so to speak.

I am probably not around in your area this week, so we can only celebrate together by meeting online. I’m offering you online training that I have perfected over the past 7 years.

If you are not in a hurry, you can choose an alternative for the ‘normal’ online training. Here you can obtain the VIP-training – so with personal 1-on-1 coaching. In that case, we will put a date in the future. Click here: