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This morning at 6.30am I went to the kitchen to make a cup of gyokuro green tea, like I do every morning.

Then I go to my high-quality ‘Man Cave’ and answer the daily e-mails from the day before.

But this morning I cam into a delayed start when I looked out of the kitchen window.

On the garden, table was the main protagonist in the ornithological soap of the evening before.

A great tit cub that spent the night under the shelter of the hydrangea.

He cannot yet fly well enough to overcome the high fence on his own power.

Lady luck and happiness are with him. It’s no coincidence that my backyard is a cat-free zone. This because the dog almost jumps through the triple glass here when a neighborhood cat would venture to get over the fence.

For the great tit cub, this place is a perfect platform to optimize his skills and fly in peace.

So instead of answering e-mails, I took an early break and sat down at the window with my tea.

I spent half an hour relaxing and watching the great tit cub. It got even better when it did turn out that his brother and sister were already sitting at the gate of the garden.

The 3 youngsters are still unable to do anything and at the same time, they are not afraid of doing anything.

From a tree in the garden, the father and mother great tit cheer out and support the free flight aspirates. They seem to be cheering as if to say, just come on over this way but be careful.

Mom and dad have learned to be afraid of everything, that’s why they are still alive.

This is just like with your customers. They have also learned, usually from their parents, to be afraid everywhere and to protect themselves from everything that’s new and unknown.

Your potential customers, sometimes even your existing customers, often turn out to be very afraid of you and your offer.

Not necessary at all, of course, you know it, but it is true. Many of your customers come from a completely different neighborhood and environment. They often enjoyed a completely different education and were influenced completely differently by the people around them. All of them got also the input from the local government. When your customer’s, op top of it all, also have a different cultural and/or religious background, it all becomes completely colorful.

Their mistrust and fears are also due to their experiences with other entrepreneurs and companies with whom they had contact in the past.

Your potential customers are afraid to be disappointed. Afraid to make the wrong decision. That is why they often play it save by playing on ‘sure’. By not making a decision, they did make a decision. The choice not to make a decision is indeed and for sure also a decision in itself. They are afraid to invest their money in you or with you. All jitters in their stomachs when they move from the front to back and back to the front again. While they spend their time on checks and balances they find it even exciting to invest or not. Not investing their money with you ultimately costs them money, you already know that, but your customers often do not yet have that insight, especially when they are not sure about the value that you bring to the market place.

As an entrepreneur, we often do not realize enough how much fear and risk is haunting the subconscious of our customers.

It is your job as an entrepreneur to make your values known and to remove the fear of your customers. You should let your customers experience that they are not at risk and they can feel safe with you. Preferably on top of everything, it may even be more than that, they want you to pull also them up to the mountain.

Come on, get the rope, and climb up to me, on top of that mountain.

From the top of the mountain, you give other people the security they need to feel. You show them a path to follow and a voice that tells them what is appropriate for them to do.

Attention, don’t be mistaken in thinking that they want you to be beside them! It feels much less safe for your customers if you hang next to them on that mountain wall. Or only just 1 meter higher. Your customers prefer someone at the top of the mountain. Someone who has already proven himself and who has a high status in the market place.

If you are an expert and you want to position yourself at the top of your market, you need 4 things.

  1. A good website that brings value and gives you extreme expert status.
  2. A clear marketing content that makes you easily visible through the murmur of the crowd.
  3. Your availability and willingness to provide personal 1-on-1 coaching for your inner circle of best customers and prospects, where you personally are giving them the tools to get started.
  4. The ultimate online training that includes your expertise as the top of your market.

Because we have cracked the code for all 4 of these subjects in the past 7 years, we have made 4 online training courses about our expertise. With this, we show you the unorthodox ways to climb to the top of your own mountain as quickly as possible.

Because of your position at the top of the market, this gives your customers a calm feeling. Your high status confirms that they can trust you and that you are going to pull them up to become the best of what they can be.

Because personal meetings require too much time and expense, we decided to provide the courses in an easy way online.

However, if you prefer to recharge yourself through our VIP variant of the ‘normal’ online courses, we can still provide you a consultation ‘face 2 face’ – so you are served with your personal 1-on-1 coaching. For your personal VIP variant, flutter to this link: personal 1-on-1 coaching