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Debt management and defense in front of creditors

Thanks to our experience as a debt collector, we are perfectly in the know of the games some debt collectors play with their target group. Many of our clients are seeking shelter from debt collectors or they are in the position that they have clients who are in debt to them. Some of our clients operate in both fields. Needless to say, we have seen it all, often from both sides and from close by.

You and your family can in many ways be shielded from creditors. The simplest way to get started and protect yourself is to keep debt collectors and vampires from your door. Most people cannot handle that kind of negative pressure on their door. Simple and advisable for your good night’s sleep is putting your personal address, the address of the one who has the debt on his name, outside the place of physical residence. (Having a personal registration on the place where you want privacy is never a smart thing to do)

Keeping your bed and the location of personal registration separate will help you to dream carefree.

You also have shield material items and bank accounts. Also, ensure that the car is not seized either. You must of course also secure a seizure of wages and potentially other sources of income. 

Once you did organize all these necessary basic things, you can now start the negotiation with the creditors without the risk that the belongings of your partner and kids are seized by a bailiff.

out of the social system | medical Insurance | a guaranteed monthly basic income

We bring you back on track with social security, medical Insurance & a guaranteed monthly basic income:

Everybody who is already legal in Europe can get a basic social income. One of the easiest country’s for this support is Belgium, the socially strong beating heart of Europe. Even for non-Europeans, we have way’s to enter the European social system

Thanks to European legislation, almost every European who has the retirement age can get his pension from out of Belgium. (Even without working one day in Belgium!)

So, if you find yourself at this moment in a country where they pay you a pension that’s smaller than 800 euro, why not relocate your civil registration to Belgium and get an upgrade of your pension?

Who is not yet on retirement age, there is also hope for you because Belgium is providing an alternative basic income for ‘the young once’.

This basic monthly payment from Belgium is not as high as let’s say Swizz or Luxemburg. But in Belgium, the authority provides the monthly payment unlimited in time. (Until you are old enough to get your monthly retirement pension…)

Do you have a family member who’s sick and disabled? A loved one who’s hardly surviving in the country where they are trying to make ends meet? Belgium is your place 2B. The social system loves to take care of your family. 

It all starts with getting your civilian registration and medical insurance.


Start-up your new company with bonuses

  • You’re looking to expand your current business & need extra finances or credit?
  • You want a new company or prefer to take over an existing business?
  • We set up new companies and get you started at 3.600 euros.
  • Do you prefer an existing company? We set up all legal documents so you can become the new owner for an investment of as little as 1.500 euros. 

In both cases, a new start-up or a takeover, we can provide your business with:


  • Bank accounts in the country of your preference. You can open them personally or the accounts can be set up by us and the IBAN and bank cards can be handed over to you
  • We can arrange all the paperwork. It’s an all-inclusive service even the necessary notary costs are paid by us!
  • We can provide for you and your business a legal company seat plus branches in the country of your choice.
  • You want to be risk-free as the manager or director? No problem, we provide you one of our team members who will take all the responsibility of your shoulders.
  • Discrete is what you prefer? You like to be anonymous, this can be arranged by us for your benefit.

You want to stop or sell your business or company

You came to a point in your life where you realize it’s time for a chance. Your kids don’t want to take over your business? You’re fed up with clients who are behind on their promised payments. 

Many business owners and investors are impacted by the current economic situation. Your market is since the Corona full of risk and insecurities? Do you want to move forward in a post-COVID world? Many entrepreneurs are considering and searching for a way out. So how to do it smart and fast?

We can always help you as an entrepreneur or business owner with an easy way out, a ‘soft landing’ so to say.

We also offer an online platform that we designed for buyers and sellers of companies and businesses. We help them to connect. It’s a service we provide for FREE. We are committed to providing authentic, fast, and innovative trading solutions with all new and smart features. So we make trading even effective.

No matter you stop your business or sell it, in both situations we can provide you with a monthly replacement income. (This replacement income is minimum 14.800 euros a year, your life insurance) 

This replacement income can be provided to everybody who is registered in Europe! 

In theory, most people have to choose in life between a limited social income and an unlimited economic activity. But here with ProfiConsult, we do not operate under that theory.  We never stop providing our clients with tailor-made unlimited solutions.

Unpaid bills or debts may cause in theory some problems when you want to get rid of or shut down your company.  In reality, we find for you somebody for a take-over, or at least a practical solution, to relieve you from your company debts.

Especially when you want to start up direct a new business. Be sure to bring only your experience and leave the negativity from the past outside the new business (only shutting down the old company is not good enough)

So, even if your starting-up with a new company, we can still set up a financial structure in such a way that you can hold on to the monthly ‘insurance basic income’ of 14.800 euro as a ‘replacement income’. This is for our clients a comfortable feeling because they can work as an entrepreneur and knowing that when business is going calm, their monthly bills are covert, even when times get Corona-rough.

Most of our clients are business people. But we are not limited in only helping entrepreneurs and business people. We also provide private individuals and their families with access to high-quality health insurance and basic income thanks to the European unification. Here at ProfiConsult, we believe that everybody, especially since the Corona times, needs good medical insurance.

Marketing support | Web Design & landing pages

Studies show 7 out of 10 visitors to any site disappear without leaving a trace. This isn’t your fault – it happens a LOT – but you CAN fix that. While a big corporation may be able to afford huge advertising budgets, individuals can’t. While advertising can hit more people faster, it is less personal.

A majority of advertising budgets can be lost to people who are completely not your target group. Don’t waste your marketing budgets on people who are not qualified and not even interested in your product. 

A method of contacting the masses may not be an affordable option – even for large corporations – during periods of contraction like when you truly have to watch every penny you spend in our post-COVID world.

We came up with more lucrative ways to generate immediate business.

Our people can build for you a new website or create landing pages for the website you already have at this moment. Not only do we provide great looking and high converting pages right off the bat without you having to spend your time investigating the market elsewhere.

We can automate your whole marketing. Doing this will make your Mondays more exciting because you should start seeing new opportunities!

So much more, than the average website & marketing specialists, we provide for our business clients. With us, you get a designer and a conversion specialist who will fit your needs in a way you find nowhere else on the market. Look no further this service was created with you in mind. We guarantee that you already in the first week get a return of 50% on your investment!


Shutting down your business without losing your money

Stopping your current business can be fast and without expenses or risk. Even if there are debts and unpaid bills in the company. You as an ex-manager or ex-business holder can get 14.800 euros when you leave ‘the ship that comes ashore’.

As the captain, it’s noble to stay on-board till the last man standing. But it is not necessary for you to drown when a new ship is already there to get you on-board.

Business planning before starting up a new business:

Starting a new company or taking over an existing one, in both cases, we can provide legal support. We can even make it happen that you can operate completely anonymous! We help you expand your business and support you with extra finance or credit. 

We can provide your company with an official registration, anywhere in Europe. We set up your branches and keep you safe from responsibility and unnecessary risks.

Business Management | Debt or Credit Consolidations

We can support you with personal registration as a resident in the European country of your choice. 

Concerning your privacy, we provide you with a ‘legal domicile address/registration as a resident’, this service will take place in the country you prefer.

Every resident in Europe can get a legal social financial support, this with a minimum of 14.800 euros a year.

We can offer our clients with credit cards and various payment methods. We help with the setup and opening of bank accounts. We get you a new or even an existing IBAN bank account in the country of your choice. You have debts, we can help you out of that misery.

All this…. you can get…. and this can even be anonymous! 

Car Insurance | Penalty Insurance

We can provide you car insurance even when you are on the blacklist and can’t find anywhere else car insurance.

Also, insure yourself against fines with our unique penalty insurance

Traffic fines cost you unnecessary money. However, there is now insurance that has launched a so-called “penalty insurance”. With this insurance, you are insured up to 3000 euros against parking fines and speeding tickets. 

The penalty insurance can be taken on a yearly base or per month. The vehicle itself can of course also be insured.

Traffic fines may be set with an amicable settlement. But it is also possible that the violation of the traffic regulations was so serious that you will be prosecuted in court and that the police judge convicts you. He or she can (also) impose a fine. In that case, it is a real criminal conviction by the police court.

This can have consequences for your insurance. When you take out (other) car insurance, you may be asked whether penalties have already been imposed for violations. Anyone who has already been punished for alcohol intoxication, hit-and-run crime,… will therefore have to indicate this when entering into a contract.

The insurer will take this into account in the evaluation of the risk. You will benefit from being honest and complete because anyone who deliberately lies or conceals things from their insurer to avoid higher premium risks running into trouble when there is an accident.

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