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About US


Founded in 2018 in Belgium, Europe

01. Strategic

We work with our clients to help them develop, articulate and implement strategies to transform, scale, or launch their business and or personal life.

02. Professional

Solving problems and creating new perspectives is our biggest passion.  Our success is not only due to the quality of our work, it’s down to knowledge, our approach, and the way we treat our clients.

03. Loyal

Loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Actions speak louder than words. So let us act for you.  All our clients are treated with the utmost discretion.

Our Mission

As an independent legal and tax firm, we provide services tailored to the needs of the active entrepreneur. Disruption is our area of work par excellence; our added value lies in identifying and managing risks and guaranteeing the legality of transactions. No technical jargon, no expensive offices, and badge of names. Clear language and honest advice at advantageous rates are self-evident.

We specialize in tax law, company law, inheritance law, property law, and corporate law, both in advice and in litigation.

We advise, assist in negotiations, draw up deeds and agreements, mediate where necessary, and provide back-up in legal proceedings.
Our network consists of people who have built up enormous experience in tax, corporate, and legal services. All these people who are at your disposal are well versed in everything the business world has to offer. You will gain hundreds of years of experience. No school wisdom, but the real hard reality and practical experiences of trial and error.

Our unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit means that we act as your constructively critical interlocutor when it comes to advice and guidance in the areas of tax and accountancy, legal services, and trust services.
Our employees are located all over the world. Everywhere, we have reliable partners and employees who will guide you and can also take care of you personally anywhere in the world. Confidentiality is important when you arrive in a foreign country. Local networks are important.


The Founder of ProfiConsult

A renowned serial entrepreneur that helpt over 20 companies that have a revenue over $1 Billion…

6 year ago, he realized that none of his accomplishments would have been possible if it wasn’t for what he learned from government officials (law enforcement, lawyers, public prosecutor’s, judges, and other government representatives in powerful positions)

He combined the insights he got from government serving representatives with what he learned from his mentors (authors, entrepreneurs, and CEOs).

Everybody knows that the current education and business system is outdated, the economic reality became clear since the Corona lockdown, but Luc decided to actually do something about it instead of watching from the sidelines…

ProfiConsult is now the primary legal business platform for people across the world!

Luc Stevens

CEO, Founder of ProfiConsult
Luc Stevens

OUR Consultants

A Team Of Professionals

Elina Petrova

Elina Petrova

Business Relations

Philip Vanmaele

Philip Vanmaele


Anelia Petrova

Anelia Petrova

Social and Administrative Assistance

What they say about us!


A very smooth and easy to use debt collection service. I spoke to Luc who asked me a couple of questions. He kept me updated when he started discussions with the debtor and the next thing I know I was informed that we have been paid.

CEO – Waste Management Company – Belgium


Starting in a hotel room, just before the lockdown there were big dreams of launching our company. Now, the perspective has changed because of the support of ProfiConsult. For every other startup out there, ProfiConsult really helps you understand what you are lacking to succeed.

CEO – StartUp – The Netherlands


I was surprised by the results of ProfiConsult because I had a big issue with my Social Security. I emailed asking for clarification and had initial and follow-up responses within a few hours. They were thorough and very helpful with a complex subject. Your support is outstanding.

Nancy – Belgium


Selecting a closing company can be stressful, but ProfiConsult is our GO TO. The staff is not only friendly, but everyone in the office is 100% informed and always able to answer any question. Having people who go above and beyond to get the job done.

CEO – Restaurant – Spain


Thank you to Luc Stevens and his staff! Without his expertise, I could not have made it through the legal process to find a permanent resident.  He and his staff kept me informed and guided throughout the entire procedure. I was able to get my confirmation document in a very timely manner. Thank you!

Jonathan – Belgium


In order to build the world’s most-loved company, we need the world’s most interesting and talented people.

Are you one of them? If so, we want to talk to you! 

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