Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone have Questions.  We have tried our best to answer all of the complimentary questions.  If you still need any help Contact Us

Can you help me avoid personal responsibility for my company's bankruptcy?

In theory, you cannot escape from a debt that you have personally. Especially when you put your head as a security to the bank. In practice, however, we can usually ensure that you are not being inconvenienced by the debts.

We can keep bill collectors from your door and avoid that your personal belongings get taken away from you and your family.

Why would I not close my business just on my own, what value do you provide?

Depending on what country your business is located, you can’t simply stop a company on your own.  

You need the support of a legal person, for example, a notary or a lawyer. In a place like Belgium for example, a notary is going to ask of you around 3.000 EUR and that is just only for the paperwork. In no way, you’re going to get advice on how and what to do not to lose more money. Don’t forget that a notary is representing the government. When you stop a business in a conventional way like the notary will ‘advice you’ to do, that is going to take time. During this time you’re going to get questions from other government representatives, like for example civil servants who are coming from departments such as VAT and tax authorities.

I have given my house as collateral with the bank, what now?

If this house is the only house you have, you can in most cases protect that house from being taken away. 

I am behind with payments of social security and because of this I no longer have health insurance. It worries me knowing that in the future I maybe will not have medical care and cannot count on a health insurance fund.

Within 3 months we can restore that right for you.

If I terminate my company, can I receive a monthly financial income?

Yes. The monthly social benefit you receive is at least 1.400 EUR.

How long must I wait before I can start up a new company when I have a bankruptcy?

You can start directly with working in or on a new project. This you can do over and over again. Even if you were told by the court that you may not run a company again, even then we can bring you back on track.

Do you only help with taking over and termination of companies? Or do you also help with the start-up of new companies?

We also help starting entrepreneurs.

What are the strengths when I start a new business with you?

You are protected from liability from day one! (if you start a business with a ‘classic’ accountant you are liable for at least 3 years).

  • your tax will be a maximum of only 10%;
  • you can do business anonymously if you desire this;
  • you can work and at the same time enjoy a monthly payment of at least 1.400 euros. That way, as a start-up, you benefit from having fewer risks and enjoy less financial stress.

Can't I do it on my own?

If your location is the USA then that’s not always a bad plan. But especially in Europe, better think twice. Even when the bankruptcy is coming on the name of your company, even then, you’re the person behind it and that stick with you. Of course you always have a choice … 

Your main business, what is that?

Our main activity is the setup of companies and taxation. We serve not only entrepreneurs with experience and going concern business. Also, startups can rely on us. Our clients can obtain social benefits & tax exemption.

VIP-training: I am only a small starting entrepreneur. Is it financially responsible to pay for a VIP training or online course?

The choice is yours, of course, but simply keep in mind that you are not only are getting a whole arsenal of theory. You will hear tips and tricks that are easy and practical to apply for you and your loved ones. 

Failure to invest in the online course or VIP-training will result in a reality where you find yourself throwing a multiple of the training amount ‘over the bar’ in taxes and other useless expenses.
As an entrepreneur, you will also be making easily avoidable mistakes were the costs will exceed the not invested amount in training. Even if you do not have your own company but are currently employed on a pay-list, or if you do not work at all, it would be useful for you to know how you can avoid taxes that can easily be saved. And from who else than us can you learn how every person of flesh and blood can obtain a social benefit of at least 1,840 euros every coming month?

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