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A quarter of the business community has an insufficient financial buffer to absorb the loss of turnover as a result of this impact of the corona measures. More than 55 percent of companies do not have the buffers to get through the corona crisis unscathed. Only one in eight Belgian companies is quite resistant to the shock.
Companies that threatened to go bankrupt until last year did so in a context in which economic activity – also partly within the company itself – continues to run. Now that context is the opposite: economic activity has come to a halt. “This is a situation without previous. Now we are moving into an economy in discontinuity. That requires a completely different approach. “
“This is an unprecedented situation.” This is evident from the research results of Graydon, a specialist in business data, best known for the monthly bankruptcy figures.
The first sectors most at risk are the hospitality and hotel industry, wholesale and retail, travel agencies, employment agencies, rental and lease companies, carriers, garage owners and car dealersConstruction, the culture sector, the chemical and metal processing industry, agriculture, livestock and fisheries are also now getting into difficulties as a direct result of the corona measures.