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There’s so many places to get information from, that it’s become pretty much impossible to actually know, what the truth is and what the hell is going on.

Look at it this way – the danger is in the fact that, even when credible people believe they have facts, believe they have experience, and believe that something is true, and you listen to it, it still might be wrong. This is the danger of it all.


Here at Profi Consult we test everything, we never trust opinions, even if they come from an authority. Especially governement authority. If you look at the history of the world, authority has been used more for manipulation and control of people, than it has been for any form of good. Right?

Behavior gives you a lot of information, tells you everything not just words. This is why you don’t want to believe the news because the people on the news are reporters and reporters don’t do. If reporters say this is a hot company, don’t listen to them, because they don’t have any investments in it. Most of the time they just show you government authority fake news. So why would you listen? They’re just a talking mouth repeating things that they heard. Authority is a warning sign, the certified expert in something…run!

The most simple methods for filtering information for your personal use: Everybody is assumed wrong until factually proven right. We can help you with proven methods to filter the noise and find your truth to be proven right. Make short-term sacrifices for long-term success. This will set you up for more success. Business is a marathon, not a sprint!

This all sounds kind of complicated, it’s like: “well who do we listen to?” You really listen to everybody. Then you have to filter it. Never, ever, ever trust that one person who is always going to give you accurate information all the time and you never need to check it. Because that’s when you get in trouble.

If you do this and if you adopt the philosophy that pretty much everything you hear is wrong until proven right, it’s hard to get called out, it’s hard to get caught in situations where you’ve believed a lie and later on the road that lie jumps up and bites you. You will avoid those situations and you’ll have a much better life because of it.

Feel free to assume that our information is wrong. But for your own personal intrest check it out, it’s free of charge, just let us know what you think?

Make the choice to better your life!


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