You can freely choose where your official registration address will be placed. We can even legally register you in several places at the same time, regardless of where you want to live or stay. It sounds logical, but many people are not aware of all the procedures. How it should be done legally, how it can be done simply and practically, we have the know-how at our disposal, know what is possible.


You are looking for an address abroad – away from the bailiffs and creditors – that can be more profitable than you think

Often it is – temporarily or otherwise – a good solution for your problems, a move or registration abroad.


We also have such addresses available for registration in your own country. However, note that the procedure varies according to the country. So here too, the big difference between the EU member states is once again apparent. It is therefore possible to re-register within the current country of registration at another location within your country’s borders, but looking across the border is often cheaper and more interesting in many ways.


You can also register for a longer period of time, or even permanently. You choose where you can best find yourself. We can provide you with mail forwarding service and the best total solution for your needs.


This service is only possible by appointment and personal contact under very strict privacy conditions.

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