My motivation to create Superpowers For Entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Rudy Tersago, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

I grew up in Belgium to a normal, blue-collar, working-class family and I didn’t know anything different. I was taught to keep my head down, live frugally and pursue the traditional white-collar path of college into a corporate job.

During my career I did figure out that over time, as life punches you in the face, mistakes are made, bad things happen and most people start losing faith. It turns out that good bussiness is not a matter of luck. Luck Is The Residue Of Good Design.

Do you ever have a feeling that there is more for you out there?

My goal is helping you with your life as an owner of a corporation or your bussines as entrepreneur. Too many people end up in a pitfall because of limiting beliefs. My advice is: Learn from lots of different people and don’t hide your value! My personal experience made me “Think A Little Different”. In 2010 I teamed up with a company whose owners had over 16 years of expertise in managing and running investment projects. I teamed up with them to start delivering a personal experience and at value to other people’s lives. By now we’ve been humbled by partnerships with global brands, life-changing non-profits, all over the world.

We love to work with clients, out of a unique “core” approach to optimal results, success and fulfillment in all areas of life. This personal touch combined with massive experiance, proven training and impeccable reputation led to quickly growing bussinesses of our clients by the beginning of 2012. This has made us better and we consider ourselves very fortunate. Let us show you what we’ve learned and help you take your bussiness to the next level.


Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people change themselves and change their lives for the better. People aren’t just “the way they are”. They’re built one piece at a time, and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be. It’s not about the battle it’s about the war. In the pursuit of my ideal as real estate investor, Entrepreneur and Trainer, Profi Consult was born.

I realized that finding accurate, really good information in the modern world is extremely hard,  and rare. It’s as rare as things get. Because most information is not correct, and a lot of information is sub par and to find cutting edge, the best information that’s really accurate and really fact-checked is so rare.

I learned this early on. As a kid growing up, I was like “Well, what should I do with my life?” I listened to what other people told me. Teachers told me, career advisors told me, my friends, my family, my friend’s parents, they all pretty much said: “If you want to be successful, you should go to school and get good grades. Then you should go to University, go to college and then you should get a job at a corporation and work your way up, buy a house, save, do all of that stuff. That is success.’’


About the world I was “well” informed. As a young adult I was told that the goverment is there to protect the people. The same kind of people told me, work hard, pay a lot of taxes and you will get appreciation from the authorities, who will spend your hard earned money well on society.

Who am I to question all of these people. This is my school, the teachers, and then the career advisors. If all they’re doing is advising on careers, then surely they know more than me. Right? Then I was like – my friend’s parents, my friends, this many people can’t be wrong. Surely, it couldn’t be. So that’s how I weighed that information in my mind, and I thought: “Rudy, you’re going to do that.” I did that, and then I arrived at my corporate job back in Belgium. I was like is this it? Is this success? Is this the magic place that everyone was telling me existed at the end of this path that I’ve been following? It sucked. What’s crazy is that I looked around and pretty much everyone else thought it sucked too, but it was just an unspoken thing, because people didn’t want to admit and confront the truth, which was actually that: this sucked and it wasn’t really worth it going to university, working really hard for this corporation, because it was too hard to look at the truth. So basically people just live the lie, and go through each day pretending like it’s awesome but it wasn’t. Plain, simple, but 90% of the intelligent people just don’t understand it.


So for example, if I recommend people to run heir bussines from out of a certain place in the world or in a cetain way it’s simply, because I already did figure out the benefits. Knowing my assumption that this thing works and that these numbers and these parameters are true, is actually many times proven by trial and error. That’s the only way I figure out what works well, not because somebody just told me it worked.

Always compare an expert and his personal behavior with what they just said. If the person is acting in a way that isn’t in alignment with what they told you to do, then it’s probably wrong. I’ll give you a perfect example. Most people who pick financial, most people who give stock tips, you should buy this stock, you should invest in this. Most of the people that give you the picks, they’re not invested in it themselves. Think about it for a second, if this really was such a good stock pick, if you really believe so deeply that this is good advice, then why the F have you not invested in it? Why?

Again it’s because they’re just speaking like rubbish. Right? But what if the person’s all in on that real estate deal? Now we’re talking. Now something is different because their behavior is in alignment with what they said, and not in a small way, in a big way. That is why also hedge fund outperform most investment vehicles, most investment, most banks and all of that. There’s some fascinating things about hedge fund. First of all, most people think that you should invest in lots of things right? Dumb mistake.

The main area  in which I invest is real estate, because I understand what I see in it. I just do my own critical analysis of it, and try to find out what I think is true, and then make my decisions and base my beliefs and philosophies based on that. Investing did change my life. Creating a thriving business and also profit from real estate investing with little or no money down with the ultimate goal to support oneself thus achieving financial independence.


Tip: If someone says I’m really good at this and I know how to do that. Great! Let’s fact-check them. Are they doing it for themselves? Many times it turns out they don’t! But you pay them to let them tell you how to do things what they themselves are not even doing!


I will give you an awesome example. Financial advisors – as soon as I started making money, everyone started telling me “Rudi, you need to go to a financial advisor, financial advisor this, financial advisor that, financial advisors.”, everyone was shouting at me like crazy! I thought: “Alright, well these financial advisors must be really good, if everyone knows about them.” It turned out that I made a mistake again. Anyway, I went to see them and talk to them. Then I found out that these financial advisors where basically salesmen. They weren’t good at financial advice. I could tell, because they didn’t have good finances themselves. They didn’t have good savings, they weren’t planning for retirement, and making wise investments. They were poor, living paycheck to paycheck, and making bad decisions.

My advice comes down on how you create positive cash flow. This should be your goal for every month. It will give you confidence.

Our legal advice comes down on how to avoid taxes. The big corporations pay maximum 3%!

So why should you pay more?!


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