Our methodology is transparent and decisive. We conduct an in-depth audit that maps the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats. We then outline a healing process that is feasible and measurable. We follow this process closely and evaluate it periodically until the targets are met.


Entrepreneurship is a process of ups and downs. The dynamics between success and failure is inevitable but calculable. The intensity, clarity and timing of intervention are of vital importance. ProfiConsult puts everything on ‘change management’ or improvement by changing. We start from a vigorous screening where we map all the pain points. We then outline a trajectory that is feasible and measurable. We evaluate the situation permanently and intervene where and when necessary.

We attach great importance to transparency and honest entrepreneurship. We therefore see it as an ethical duty to imagine the reality as it occurs. We are therefore absolutely not in favour of further exploiting companies where the failing character is irrevocable. In such cases, we will encourage healthy settlement where you, as an entrepreneur, gain business and personal benefits. Also letting go and thinking ahead is doing business.


Throughout the process you will be closely involved and you will acquire:

  • an objective view of the situation;
  • more in touch with economic reality;
  • more control over the company;
  • clear view of weaknesses and strength points;
  • understanding and insight of key figures;
  • handles for effective business operations;
  • room for development and growth;
  • concrete customized solutions;


Getting the finance for you

The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. Here with Profi Consult you can learn everything, conquer anything. We provide you the fundament and everything you need to succeed in business.

With Profi Consult we help you mainly with 2 pillars for your success. First we support you by starting up your bussiness in a very easy way. Second, we help you to find capital. This money can come from subsidy, banks and investors. Our total guidance tailored on your needs. We can support all of your administrative and accounting assignments.

Raising capital is a continuous uphill battle for most entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. The success of your projects and funding depends on how persuasively you can show that your data backs up your recommendations. We’ll boost your ability to make the complex comprehensible, and help get buy-in for your ideas.

The best reports and bussiness plan do more than summarize findings. They inspire your audience. After all, you’re probably trying to persuade your clients. But when it comes down on getting a bank or other financial source involved, that’s a different ball game. Making them see and understand that you’ve got important insights that should be acted on because your ideas are worth to be financed. Let us help you create engaging and visually stimulating documents that draw your audience in and convince them your ideas are worth financially  supporting.

With Profi Consult whe show you how to get your company started with only small amount of money. Next to that we are helping the start-up businesses to raise capital by using our knowledge of the investment and banking world. How to get the financial support and investment capital to make your bussines strong from the bottom up to the top. We’ll help you set up your bussiness the right way, so you can focus on what you do best. Team up with us to get your clients excited for your bussiness.



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